Insurance Claims Automation

Current claim processing provided by insurance companies takes more than two to three days, as it is manual and has dependency on various stakeholders like surveyor and adjuster.

With our cognitive assisted automated claim process, built on the Intelligent Automation platform, having enhanced claim functions for automobile insurers, you don't have to wait around anymore for the surveyor to do manual assessment, and an adjuster to evaluate and submit the report for further processing.

You can accomplish all these objectives by leveraging technologies, like chat bot, image recognition, workflow etc. Our solution has the ability to optimize the duration of claims operations, to less than one hour, and is normally applicable to low value claims.

Key Features

  • Ability to optimize the duration of claims operations to less than 1 hour for low value claims
  • AI assisted automated claims process leveraging technologies like chat bot, image recognition
  • GPS assistance for affiliated workshop locations


  • Reduced operation cost
  • Higher operational efficiency
  • Higher customer satisfaction
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