Service Desk Automation

Organizations relying on emails lack scientific mechanism to automatically determine context of, criticality of requests based on customer sentiments, Whether request can be resolved automatically or require manual intervention. Manually answering customer queries required high effort and cost in analyzing email.

Our AI-powered Service Desk Automation tool automates the process of email context classification, criticality based on sentiment analysis and determines if, the query could be auto resolved or redirects to human agent based on predetermined configurable threshold. Thus boosting service desk productivity and bringing down people dependency with 24X7 Service Desk availability.

Key Features:
  • Proprietary machine learning based tool architected around open source machine learning platform
  • Integrates with email servers as well as chatbots
  • Identifies the criticality of request using sentiment analysis
  • Auto resolution of service requests with response to customer
  • Self-learning based on feedback
  • Configurable threshold for triggering auto resolution
  • Integration with manual resolution process
  • Optimized management of service requests via emails or chatbots
  • Reduction in MTTR and increase in availability
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Increased accuracy of resolution based on self-learning
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