Computer Vision

Information is conveyed in images now more than ever. With surge in smartphones, people take -trillions of digital photos every year. In addition, there are images and videos shot using CCTV cameras, Satellites, and hand held devices.

Our Technology Innovation Center is building solutions using computer vision and deep learning/machine learning to build intelligent AI systems and enable commercially viable use cases, such as:

  • Identification & Classification of the dangerous goods logo on the cargo container
  • Inventory identification and categorization using photographs of items
  • A Digital Image Classification Engine (DICE) that helps Enterprises to address Image classification problems. DICE uses Computer Vision and Machine Learning techniques to understand and classify images. DICE, powered by open source technologies, uses specialized supervised machine learning {like Random Forest}, feature extraction methods, and supports active learning

Engage with us to identify how you can leverage these emerging technologies in your context.

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