Innovation-as-a-Service (InaaS)

Our Technology Innovation Centre (TIC) is the R&D hub focused on emerging technologies and establishes company’s capability building in newer, niche technologies. Its full-scale innovation and incubation model is well equipped and enables company to remain at the forefront of solving real-world challenges for our clients using next gen technologies.

The innovation model is also made available to our clients in the form of Innovation-as-a-service (InaaS). Our InaaS Framework seamlessly addresses all the innovation, research and development requirements of our customers. It can enable clients ideate and convert draft ideas into potential solutions and serves as a value creator for solving real-world problems.

InaaS is powered by a dedicated innovation team, supported by collective expertise across horizontal Center of Competencies, Vertical domain expertise, and collaborative open innovation engagements across ecosystem partners, academia, and professional Bodies, and delivers Proof-of-concepts (PoC’s), Prototypes, full scale service models, technology frameworks, solutions, and products.

InaaS is be offered by creating a dedicated research lab for the Customer. All the draft ideas, queries, problem -solving and other tasks of the customer are executed in this dedicated lab.

Key Features:
  • Assessment and business potential validation of a draft idea
  • Converting a paper-napkin idea into a PoC or a prototype
  • Development of a technology framework
  • Current state assessment and recommendations for the existing processes, products and/or services of the customer
  • Emerging Tech roadmap for customer domain
  • Co-innovation or R&D support on niche technology areas
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