Development Dashboard

Effective adoption of Continuous Delivery practices and DevOps comes with its own challenges - multiple tools with their own Dashboard exist in silos, lack of visibility on software promotions across environments and no structured input for end to end process improvements.

Tron Development Dashboard brings end-to-end orchestration and single pane view of application development integrating with majority of industry leading commercial and open source tools. It comes with Cognitive insights enabling teams to take corrective actions proactively.

Key Features:
  • Single pane of view via the TRON ALM Dashboard.
  • End-to- end integration and orchestration around industry leading commercial and open source tools.
  • Analytical and cognitive insights powered by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Real time alerts indicating project health.
  • Accelerated Development and Improved software quality.
  • Complete process visibility to all stake holders.
  • Efficient planning of Agile Sprints and upfront risk mitigation.
  • Continuous Improvement from trending and cognitive insights.
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