Software Defect Predictor

Tron Software Defect Predictor predicts defects using Artificial Intelligence based on functionality changes, historical data, and production incidents. It provides a scientific mechanism to QA organizations to determine risk based prioritization of regression leading to efficient test cycles, reduced people dependency and defect leakage.

Key Features:
  • Proprietary machine learning based tool architected around Open Source Machine Learning platform.
  • Predicts defects, test case failures against requirements.
  • Intuitive GUI with RAG status and tabular reporting based on defect count linking Requirements, Test cases, Test Execution cycles and predicted results.
  • Integration with Test Management tools for automatic data ingestion.
  • Proactive risk identification leading to lower test and development cost.
  • Shift left on high risk areas
  • Optimized test cycles leading to accelerated software delivery and faster time to market.
  • Efficient resource planning and skill utilization.
  • Reduced cost of testing.
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